It seems that today new forms of awareness, new understandings and perspectives have arisen as the social and economic fabric is transformed by computers doing work in different capacities everywhere. It could only be inevitable that art would be drawn in and transformed by these tools. And yet as we are in the midst of this ongoing transformation the implications are not completely understood. We are still in the early days. What follows is an attempt, within the parameters of a specific project, to come to terms with a few issues and possibilities that arise when computing power is deliberately, explicitly deployed in the art-making process.

FORCE OF NATURE, 013 female portrait, graphite on paper, 14"x11", 2016

FORCE OF NATURE, 04 male portrait, graphite on paper, 14"x11", 2016

FORCE OF NATURE, Athlete with Laurel Crown, ink on paper, 14"x11", 2016

FORCE OF NATURE, Dark Spirit of the Woods, acrylic on board, 24"x18", 2020

FORCE OF NATURE, 010 male head v1, graphite on paper, 14"x10-7/8", 2019

TYCHIST OBJECT, 016, graphite on paper, 10-1/6"x10-1/8", 2015

FORCE OF NATURE, Magic Mountain, acrylic on board, 24"x36", 2016

TYCHIST OBJECT, 022, graphite on paper, 11"x14", 2015

TYCHIST OBJECT, 061, acrylic on board, 20"x18", 2016